Buxton Street London street art walking tour

Image credit: Bit Boy

Remember this photo of Buxton Street we featured as our street art photo of the week last month? Well, while we identified pieces by Ronzo and Cityzen Kane, we were drawing a blank on the lady on the left. That’s until we discovered the brilliant Outings Project, a collaborative project that aims to take fine art portraits out of the gallery and onto the street. 

The Outings Project encourages you to go into a gallery, take a photo with your phone of one of the many historic portraits on display, print out your image and to paste it onto a wall in the outside world. Removed from the confines of the gallery, the people of the paintings take on a new lease of life. So far the project has cropped up in locations including London, Barcelona, Paris and Madrid. We spoke to the project’s instigator, Julien de Casabianca, to find out more.

street art project
One of the portraits being pasted up, Madrid. Image credit: The Outings Project

Why do you think it’s important to take these artworks outside of the museum?

If your brain can’t handle watching a lot of movies in only one day, how your brain can view 500 paintings in two hours during a museum visit ? We have no choice: the exhibition system makes you focus on the ‘star’ paintings, rather than being able to appreciate lots of paintings. We make the choice to show forgotten pictures.

Street art dijon
Dijon. Image credit: The Outings Project

What kind of reaction do you get from people who see the works on the street?

One thing surprised really us : we have exactly the same reaction from “hip-hop teenagers” or “harpsichord old men”: they think its very beautiful. Probably because its our common culture.

What’s been your favourite placing of a work to date?

Paris is great to stick, because there is a real interaction between the old city and the old peoples. They seem really in place back in the same town where they once lived.

street art and graffiti paris
Paris. Image credit: The Outings Project

Have you been working directly with any of the museums on the project?

We want to! We only started the project in August, but we have already a contact with one french fine art museum.

Where’s next in the world?

Asuncion, Paraguay, is the most recent project. Padova in Italy, Provo in Utah, and Tirana in Albania are coming soon!

London street art
London. Image credit: The Outings Project

What are your ambitions for the project?

It’s a participative project. We want to see people from all around the world to discover act of sticking in the street and become street artists in the project! On our website, we tell you exactly how to do it.

Thanks Julien!

To find out more, and learn how to liberate your own artwork visit The Outings Project website. And for more of what’s new in London street art scene, come and join us on one of our London street art walking tours.