Barry Hoffman and Paddy Banks want to change the way you listen to music. They want to change the way you see music. They are Soundyoucansee.

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Bring me the best music now!

The theme is simple: trust us to find the bands you need to see before you’re aware you want to see them. Barry explains…

We find bands that will be next in the ‘what’s hot’ lists and give them some of their first professional exposure. The basic premise is that live music is better. We film and record every night and mix and edit a video for each band. We want to give them something that looks great and sounds amazing to stick on Youtube. We want to be the antidote to all the phone footage out there with unlistenable distorted sound.


And bucking the trend for your viewing pleasure being ruined by wave after wave of screens in the air! But how do you choose who to put on?

It’s all about being eclectic with our choices and finding those bands that are creating a buzz. We want bands that can really put on a show! There’s just too much great music out there to limit ourselves to any kind of style or scene. We wanted to create a night where you come down to see a great line up and take a chance on finding something new. We want everyone to feel like they’ve witnessed something special.


The venue. Why the Macbeth in Hoxton?

It has a reputation for supporting nights like ours but more importantly, the stage and bar are in the same room. We wanted to avoid that situation where a few people disappear off into the back room to see a band play while everyone else hangs out in the bar waiting for whatever band they’ve come to see.

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Gorgeous George – Cockney Gypsy Folk

I came to a night that had, in your own words, ‘grindcore and cockney gypsy folk’ on the bill. How do you decide on sequence?

People who appreciate music the way we do don’t want a night of indentikit indie bands. They have no problem going from one extreme to the other. We do sit there and think “will these guys work with these guys?” but the way people consume music these days makes them more open than ever to discovering something they might have previously pigeon-holed as part of some scene or other. Live, all music is judged on its energy and performance.


Do you enjoy the nights themselves?

To be honest, they can be fairly stressful but the rush comes once we get through it and realise we got everything we needed. Then when we head home to have a listen and start mixing the audio, that’s probably the most rewarding part. We get to have a few come-down beers and relive the whole night again with high quality video and audio!


Part two coming soon!

How do you listen to music? Do you flit from one genre to the next? Or are you a ‘head’? Let us know!