If you’ve been on our East London tour, or if you follow trends in East London, you’ll be familiar with The Macbeth in Hoxton. It is a place famous for kick-starting many a music career (Florence and Pete Doherty to name but two). Now there’s a new eclectic night for your musical delectation.

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Soundyoucansee is the brainchild of Barry and Paddy (check back later for my conversation with them over a beer) and they promise an ever-changing, ever-surprising line-up. As always, it’s bloody raining so, slightly soggy, I tuck into my first Guinness and turn my head and soul stageward for the first act – The Knievel Dead.

The Knievel Dead

Initial impressions focus on the waistcoat of the bass player. He looks a little bit like a snooker ref and though the set is competent and there is an almost gypsy-inflected homage to ex-Tory leader Michael Howard (‘Something Of The Night’), there is a sense that things need to hot up a bit.

The next act does just that.

Crack Tango

Yes, crack tango arrives in the form of Hermot. My initial impression this time is that these boys look like they live it.

‘See, these boys look like they live it’, I say.

‘The bass player’s a primary school teacher’ says an onlooker.

Well, OK, fine. But at least he looks like he should be up there.

But blimey, what a school that must be!

‘what did you do last night sir?’

‘I engaged in some crack tango my lad, but never mind that. What’s the square root of 169?’

‘He doesn’t do maths’

‘Oh will you shut up! I’m trying to listen to the music’.

East London music scene, London music trends, London gigs, things to do in London<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">“I’m in pain!”</figcaption></figure>

The good news is Hermot are pretty special. The vocalist has the most miraculous range. From screams and yelps to the bassiest of growls. Any lower and an Aphex Twin style bass assault that suppresses your lungs will have to be endured. Guitars, lovelorn tales, drinking, bad behaviour – you know. Crack tango.

Fat Whites

Wow. The last band is ramshackle. It’s frenetic, it’s loose, and the whole thing just about holds together. Numbering six and featuring a falsetto voice and delightful song titles like ‘Is it raining in your mouth?’, Fat Whites demand to be watched and they round off the night in fine rock n’ roll style.

East London music scene, East London music trends, Shoreditch, things to do in London<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">“I’m in more pain!”</figcaption></figure>

Were you there? Do you know the bands? Who are your tips to be the next musical grandees? We demand your knowledge!

Soundyoucansee returns in 2013 – apparently they’re taking Christmas off or something? But before they hit the mince pies I had a few words with them. Don’t forget to check back for the interview….