In almost four weeks time, on 2nd and 3rd of December, we’ll be running a fundraiser for AgeUK. A few months ago, we successfully raised £800 for Guide Dogs. Let’s have a look back on how our Death & Debauchery Tour went for that fundraiser.

If you want to help with the upcoming fundraiser, sign up for one of our five tours by sending an email to jonas@insider-london.co.uk!

#throwback: Death and Debauchery

Everybody met at 1pm at Tottenham Court Road. We were really happy that so many people had decided to join - 18! Richard was set to give a exciting walking tour, for everyone to have a great experience.

From there, we went down to Central St. Giles and St.-Giles-in-the-fields. What’s nowadays in the heart of the city was once actually ‘in the fields’ - and then one of London’s worst slums: The St. Giles Rookery.

We went on to the Seven Dials - which by the way has only six sundial faces. Loads of pubs there, how fitting to the tour’s next topic: The Gin Craze. Half a pint of gin a day. Per person. Even children. Uff.

No death can be discussed without the Great Plague. Credits for the awesome illustration go to scklyic.

And death was also enforcable by law…

On to cheerier topics: Entertainment! Well, I guess it all depends on one’s definition of that word.

From there we went on: sneaky little thieves, (accidentally) murderous actors, wandering ghosts, you name it. Once upon a time you could even dance on the dead. It was a thing. Really!

But not only the London School of Economics has a bit of death and debauchery in their history. Meet the Royal College of Surgeons.

We already talked about hangings and death as punishment, but let’s go into a bit more detail.

And that was it! We still fondly remember this tour, and the impact it had. £210 for a good cause, and everybody loved it. Let’s repeat this success in December! Join our fundraising tours by sending an email to jonas@insider-london.co.uk. See you soon!