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The London Underground is one of the British capital city’s most well-known features, serving the metropolis for over 150 years, so it comes as no surprise that visitors to the Big Smoke like to take a ride on the Tube and learn more about this historic network.

If you are embarking on a London Underground tour with Insider London with children or teenagers, and you wish to learn a little about the Underground together, BBC Newsround has published a handy guide that takes youngsters through the history of the Underground online.

The site begins with the opening of the Thames Tunnel, the world’s first tunnel built underneath a river, in January 1843 by Sir Marc Brunel and his son Isambard Brunel - and which, initially, had nothing to do with the Underground. It then journeys through how the city’s underground railway system as we know it today has been pieced together since the first line opened 155 years ago in 1863.

The site also includes plenty of facts such as when the term ‘Underground’ was first coined - incidentally, in 1908 - as well as when the first electric ticket machines and even the first escalators were introduced.

Narrating how the Underground formed a crucial role in keeping Londoners safe during the Blitz in World War Two, right up to modern times when the network celebrated one billion passengers in just one year, this site is a great foundation for your London Underground tour, especially if you are a fan of train travel.

And train lovers visiting London should pay a visit to Kings Cross, where Harry Potter’s famous Platform 9 3/4 can be found - so be sure to add that to your itinerary.