If you’re planning a trip to the UK’s capital and are looking for fun things to do, then you might be interested in the best London history tours available. When you think back to some of the most famous historical disasters that have taken place in the city of London usually the first that come to mind are the Plague, the Great Smog or the Great Fire of London.

However, there is one natural disaster which rarely gets covered in the history lessons. The Great Tornado, which took place in 1091 on the 17th October, caused devastation throughout the city yet surprisingly only two fatalities were recorded according to the Londonist.

In the storm, many hundreds of houses and buildings were brought to ground and a lot of churches including St Marys were left damaged. Tornados are rarely recorded in the UK although there have been others that have taken place, but this is deemed the most ferocious on record with extremely high winds of around 240 mph.

This same decade also saw the Great Fire of London take place and there are differing accounts of whether London Bridge, which was first constructed by William the Conquer from timber, was destroyed in the Tornado or the Great Fire.

Other tornados have taken place over the years including the 1928 tornado, which caused extreme damage to areas such as the West End, Piccadilly, Shaftsbury Avenue and Soho. Again in 1954, a twister ripped through Acton causing damage to houses and also destruction to Gunnersbury train station.