Hoxton Square London Drinks

Hoxton Square, it’s London’s Marmite. Some people love the hipster hangout and others shun the place for its infamous adjective.

Basement cocktail bar Happiness Forgets is a literally hidden watering hole on the square and becoming increasingly popular as these things happen with hidden watering holes, but the ‘no seat, no service’ rule prevents overcrowding and annoyance.

Founded by Alastair Burgess, who trained in the Pegu Bar New York, and Andy Bird, the cosy bar is located underneath a restaurant that provides the Thai food available at the bar.

The atmosphere is friendly with music on an appropriate noise level. Small groups of people are hanging out in the maroon interior, chatting with friends appreciating a good cocktail. The ‘No Wallies’ note on the Happiness Forgets website seems to have worked, it is one of my local decidedly non-hipster friend’s favourites who described it as her perfect weeknight treat. Even Burgess recently stated in an interview: It is for grown-ups.

The menu list for cocktails, beer and wine speak to my appreciation for short but sweet, quality of quantity here.  The cocktails are £8 each and worth it, I love a gin-based cocktail and enjoyed the Journalist served in an ice-cold glass. A guest was craving just a simple mojito and asked the helpful staff who came up trumps. Happiness Forgets offers great customer service: the glass of water that you receive as you sit down, is continuously topped up so you can quench any immediate thirst and actually enjoy your drink.

The basement bar has space for roughly 50 people perhaps, though this was an estimation after two delicious drinks. You are welcome to walk right in but you won’t get served without a seat, so consider booking when planning a visit on the weekend.


Happiness Forgets

8-9 Hoxton Square

London N1 6NU

tel: 0207 613 0325

5.30pm till 11pm Mon to Sat