alternative london underground

We love all things London Underground. We’re also fond of a drink or two. So, no surprises that we’re intrigued by the concepts of Cahoots which opened yesterday. The bar has been given a late 1940s theme, inspired by the London Underground stations that were used as air raid shelters in the Second World War.

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While not a genuine former Tube station (for some of those see here), the venue in London’s Kingly Court was once apparently an air raid shelter. And there’s some great attention to detail here – check out that Tube-style moquette in the image above for starters, along with the tiles, posters and lighting.

alternative london drinking

Their drink selection also takes its cue from the make do spirit of the late 1940s – whether its homegrown ingredients or ‘black market’ liquor – all served in mismatched vintage-style mugs and tankards of course!

alternative London drinking

We love the idea of Underground-themed drinking and look forward to our visit to Cahoots. Just look for the Tube-style sign pointing the way at Kingly Court.

All images courtesy of Cahoots