Well, we’re not quite sure how it happened but apparently it’s already September. We’ve bought ourselves a new notebook and pencil in readiness for the excitement of autumn in London but, before we start with that, let’s celebrate some of the best bits of August.


Image credit: Serpentine Galleries

Did you catch anything of the Festival of Architecture? Fear not if you missed it, as we featured a round-up of the best bits on the blog. London’s currently gearing up for the Design Festival too. There’s more to come on the site about that but, in the meantime, you can check out the official LDF site here.

reduced image George_Braun_and_Franz_Hogenberg_1572_768_460_90_s_c1

Braun and Hogenberg 1572. Copyright Daniel Crouch 

Also just opened is a display about the mapping of London, featuring this incredible 16th-century map. You’ll need to head down to the Science Museum too, before the 14 September, for an exhibition which is, literally, rubbish.

Gasholder kings cross regeneration

Image credit: Evan Parker

We took a walk along the Regent’s Canal to consider its past, present and future. Next time we go for a wander, we’ll be taking a copy of Melissa Wood’s CitySketch London, a new book that encourages you to get doodling around the capital. You can read our interview with Melissa here.

otto schade street art london brick lane

This Smiley by Otto Schade is one of our favourite bits of street art featured this month: check back each Wednesday for a new image. We also considered the thorny issue of how street artists market themselves. By selling their work are they selling out? Let us know what you think.