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Artificial Intelligence is something that we come across in our everyday life, sometimes without even knowing it. The definition of this phenomenon, is that it is a theory and also the development of computer systems, that are able to perform normal tasks which typically require human intelligence, this can range from speech recognition, visual perception, decision making and also language translation.

\ Let’s take speech recognition for example. Most of you may have an iPhone, or at least know a person with one. We’ll it’s in built function of Siri, is to many considered a form of artificial intelligence. You can ask it to show you a list of tasks you need to get done, you can get it to call your friends for you, it can even be taught to pronounce names correctly. By using this kind of artificial intelligence, you can save time completing the everyday tasks which crop up day to day.

\ And it’s not just or phones and other portable gadgets that have developed with the help of AI. The motoring industry has also got a leap up from this technology. We’ve now entered the age of autonomous driving. New developments could soon transform how we drive, or not drive. These driverless cars could change how we see car ownership, could limit the amount of accidents on the road by removing human error and may even help reduce traffic and congestion on the roads.

\ AI may also benefit the medical industry in a much more dramatic way, including assisting in health care, human biology and medicine. In a recent Google conference CEO Sundar Pichai spoke about it’s more focused commitment to AI, for both research and services. This commitment is said to help with medical research in order to help sequence DNA, as well as assisting pathologists with locating such illnesses such as cancer.

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By Sage Fitzpatrick