art is trash street art london

We’re talking stealth street art this week: art work that would rather blend into the city streets, than stand out. There’s no big signatures on these. They are often more temporary in nature. Above is the work of Art Is Tra$h, spotted on Redchurch Street: his pieces tend to last for a day or two maximum. In keeping with his art, this Spanish artist keeps a very low profile and works very quickly, illegally, wearing a utility belt with spray cans, paint and materials. Typically a piece takes just 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

We spotted the below on the alleyway between Brick Lane and Allen Gardens: we don’t know who is responsible for this piece, but it shows street art at its simplest – and most stealthy.

stealth street art london

Join us on one of our street art and graffiti walking tours and see what you can spot. More pictures next week.