Antique Ben Slow T Shirt

Here at Insider London we recently spoke to Antique Clothing, a unique clothing company based here in London. They’ve recently made waves with the release of a collaborative t-shirt with popular London street artist Ben Slow, and we have one of these limited edition t-shirts to give away to a lucky reader.

Keep your eyes peeled for another article explaining how you can enter the competition, but for now, why not read our interview with Antique Clothing? We recently caught up with staff to find out what all the fuss was about.

Hi guys, can you give us a few details about Antique Clothing as a company? Why did you start up?

We started Antique back in 2010, with the aim of creating alternative clothing with a twist. We wanted to reach out to people who were growing into a new style of appearance. At a certain age you begin to develop an eye for fashion, and looking back, when we passed through this phase we decided to give it a go and start our own company.

Did you have a specific aim from the beginning?

Our main aim was to provide a look which combined bold logos, intricate illustrations and the kind of smart wear which appeals to the streets, the rock kids and anyone else who showed an interested in our type of fashion.

Your company catch phrase – “Become Antique” – is quite interesting. How did you come up with it, and where did the name Antique Clothing come from?

We began production with strictly limited edition prints, which is where the name Antique Clothing came from. Once we had sold out of a particular design, it would not be reprinted. Hence, the design would “Become Antique”.

Ben Slow Street Art London

What attracted you to the idea of a collaboration? Had you given it any thought in the past?

We have always been keen about the idea of a collaboration, but having spent the past few years focusing on our own work, we hadn’t yet had the opportunity to work with anyone we really liked. We have quite a few friends in the clothing business, so we would often touch on the idea when everyone met up. Ideas would be flowing, but the timing was never quite right and we didn’t get round to creating anything substantial.

How did the Antique x Ben Slow collaboration actually come about?

We had already discussed an involvement with street art in the past, and when we first met up with Ben to have a drink and discuss a potential project, we got on like a house on fire. We both started to throw around ideas, and felt great about what was being brought to the table. We decided to pursue the project, and after a couple of months spent preparing the concept and location, the fantastic artwork was produced. All that was left was to put it on a t-shirt and prepare for the release.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Ben Slow specifically?

We were introduced to Ben’s artwork through some of his pieces around London, and more specifically one of his show cases in Soho. We were immediately attracted to his style, as his concepts are very interesting and his work stands out from the rest in the street art industry. That’s when we thought, “Hey, this would be a great place to start”.

Ben Slow Street Art

Can we assume that this t-shirt will be limited edition, just like the previous Antique Clothing designs?

Yes, this project is set to follow the Antique trend. We produce a limited number of prints, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. This is just like Ben’s limited prints, or the street art which can disappear from a wall seemingly overnight.

The artwork itself is very impressive! Can you shed any light on Ben’s creative process for the less artistic among us?

Alongside producing the t-shirt, we actually documented the painting process with the help of talented London video production company The Fifth Wall. We put together a short video in hope of capturing Ben in action, and you can find the link here.

Thank you, guys!