In today’s world of Blackberries, Apples, video-calls, Facebook and MSN, there’s always a way to make something easier; to make something quicker. Technology can tell us where we are, whose nearby, what time the next bus is, what to make for dinner, and connect us to our nearest and dearest thousands of miles away. There’s an app for everything, and that now includes how to stay green!

A Netherlands based organisation called Good&Green Guides have come up with an iPhone app that can help you make environmentally friendly choices, from where to stay, to where to eat, to what to visit, and even where to shop. The aim is to help  the thousands of tourists that flood into the capital to make sustainable choices.
Good&Green promises to help us lucky Londoners to find all sorts of “vegetarian restaurants, environmentally friendly hotels, the hippest ecofashion, natural cosmetics, fabulous vintage, organic bars, fair trade shops, yoga studios, electric boat tours, public transport and peaceful parks” to sink our teeth into! They’ve done their research, and the app looks easy to use, even for the technophobes.

And for the sceptics amongst you, a version of the app is available for free on the itunes app store, although it will only contain 10% of the full guide (which will retail at $11.99). This way you can try before you buy, and see all the different types of places it covers. What have you got to lose?!
But of course, we should always question a company that markets themselves as “green” in order to make money. Good&Green always provides its users with the information to do more research about companies and make their own minds up. Their job is just to compile the companies in one, easy to use spot. All the content is edited and the Good&Green team have high standards when it comes to which companies make the grade.
Whether you’ve come across an app like this before or you’re eager to try Good&Green out, let us know if you think Green apps are the future or just a passing fad.