Harry Potter’s influence in popular culture has captivated audiences across the world. JK Rowling’s stories about the boy wizard have had a lasting impact on thousands of people - if not millions - not to mention how some will immediately associate as an important part of British culture. If you’re visiting London, history tours will no doubt put a focus on the popular franchise.

You might find Pottermania is bigger than expected. In fact, Detroit Free Press reported on a Harry Potter tribute band, Tonks and the Aurors, coming to play music in the UK. That’s right, the franchise even has its own tribute band.

Here are some awesome ways to become invested in Harry Potter.

Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter

You could spend some time testing your knowledge of Harry Potter by playing Trivial Pursuit. Anyone who’s watched the films or read the books will know there are copious amounts of references, but you might not know some of the more obscure trivia. Why not be prepared for a trip to the capital city by refreshing your memory on the franchise?

Represent a house

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is known for the four houses - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin - that students will be placed in when they first start studying as witches or wizards. What a better way to feel the Potter love than buying a piece of merchandise - from a woolly hat to a scarf - that features the insignia of the house that you would be in if you lived in that universe?

Wizard’s Chess

Just like Trivial Pursuit, there are other Potter-themed games to play. However, Wizard’s Chess is the perfect reference to the franchise. It was a central part of the story in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - both in the film and in the novel. As soon as you play Wizard’s Chess, it will be an immediate nostalgia trip.