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The history of London is riddled with death and debauchery, and such topics have always caught the interest of both Londoners and visitors. Insider London’s Death and Debauchery Tour is a walking tour that will leave you reeling after two hours of recounting famous murders, executions, ghostly happenings, and lecherous coffeehouses. Left aghast we are with thoughts of crowds pushing and shoving to see a ‘good hanging’ and yet here you are in search of a walking tour with such tales! Look no further, for The Death and Debauchery Tour will bring back to life the hard streets of London and the despicable lengths people would go to just to see another day.

Highlights of The Death and Debauchery Tour

This will include:

  • A walking tour through the ‘great square of Venus’, according to Sir John Fielding.
  • The story of a young criminal whose name was banned from all London theatrical works for over 40 years after his death.
  • A visit to one of the many plague pits of London and the site of the city’s earliest leper hospital.
  • One of the most haunted theatres in the West End and its connection to a lover of Charles II.
  • A vivid description of the punishments for high treason, for both men and women, and the sites on which they took place.
  • The descriptive annual guide offering the ‘who, where, and how’ to London’s debauchery.

Strolling through the heart of London, your Insider guide will open your eyes to the death and debauchery that once engulfed the city. The tour visits the grounds of the old Rookery, the famous Covent Garden and its neighbouring streets. Today the piazza is filled with lovely shops and theatres that have people traveling across the world for their wares; one may be surprised to hear what visitors of days gone by would come looking for in the market.

The Death and Debauchery Tour will cover the horrid, grotesque, provocative and sometimes laughable stories of London’s most well-known streets.

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Information About The Tour

Where do we meet?

Outside of Dominion Theatre, opposite to Tottenham Court Road tube station.

How long is the tour?

Approximately two hours

When does the tour run?

The tour runs weekly on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and UK Bank Holiday. The Death and Debauchery Tour may also be booked as a private tour at a time suitable for you and your party, please send us an email to make the enquiry.

Where does the tour finish?

Near Holborn Tube Station

Human skulls

Book Now

Please book your place on the tour via the calandar below. If you wish to book a tour that starts in next 24 hours please call before making a booking.

The Death and Debauchery Tour

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