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The History of Drinking and Pubs Tour

Insider London’s History of Drinking and Pubs Tour will have you raising a glass to this fair city’s historical pub treasures and its drinking culture. Whether you are visiting London for the first time or a local who enjoys discovering hidden gems and its secrets, our Insider guides will help you to uncover the history of the pub in its many forms. From the simple alehouse to the city taverns, learn where the traditional ale got its start and why it is so loved by the English palate on this walking tour; filled to the brim for lovers of pubs and pints. Travel through history in two hours, learning about medieval brewing techniques and the inventive, and sometimes disgusting, ingredients that were once used.

Highlights of the Tour


Highlights of The History of Drinking and Pubs Tour include:

  • Visiting a pre-Great Fire of London pub which was a favourite among the likes of Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain and Dr Samuel Johnson.
  • A tavern built by an architect of churches and cathedrals for his own masons.
  • The truth behind the legend of an Ale-Conner’s leather trousers.
  • The history of a drink that nearly drove beer into extinction and… even Londoners!
  • The connection between the Thames Tunnel and the common circular central bar found in many pubs today.
  • Enjoy drinking on the site where the legitimacy of Henry VIII’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon was decided.

The beauty of a London pub is that the history of the city can be found within them. A walking tour to quench the thirst of many, your Insider guide will bring to life the history of drinking from one of London’s oldest pubs to establishments that have survived two world wars.

The History of Drinking and Pubs Tour will leave you thirsty for more!

What you need to know

Where do we meet?

North side entrance of Blackfriars Station

How long is the Tour?

Approximately two hours

When does the Tour run?

The Tour runs weekly on Friday, Saturday and UK Bank Holiday. The History of Drinking and Pubs Tour may also be booked as a private tour at a time suitable for you and your party, please send us an email to make an enquiry.

Where does the Tour finish?

Near to Blackfriars Station.

Please Note:

The History of Drinking and Pubs Tour visits several pubs, therefore only available to guests who are 18 and over. At each pub a drink will be suggested for you to enjoy, however this is not included in the price of the ticket. To stay within the allotted tour time we also suggest a half-pint rule, though this is up to your own judgement!


History of Drinking and Pubs Tours

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